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There is a $30 dollar fee for early disconnects!

Rent Payment Information Welcome Letter


What happens if my group can not pay rent in full by the first of the month? It is important that you understand our policy at Fox Property & Development. If we do not have your rent payment in full by the first of the month, you may be assessed a late fee. In addition, for each day thereafter that we do not have your full rent payment, we will charge you a daily fee until your account is paid IN FULL (as per your lease agreement).

However, one simple email before the 1st can alleviate many of these problems and fees!! Situations can arise where all but 1 or 2 residents will have rent ready by the 1st. In this case you must notify us at least 4 days prior to the first to arrange an alternate debit. We can debit your account for the total collected, and initiate a separate debit once the remaining rent is ready. The earlier we know there is a problem, the sooner we will be able to work out an agreement that benefits both parties and avoids charging you fees! The important thing is not to ignore your financial responsibilities. NOTE: If you simply ask us to delay your debit or debit less than your full rental amount, we will. We would rather work with our residents than initiate a debit that will bounce and cause more work and fees for all of us!!

Information for Outgoing Tenants including move out instructions and how to get your security deposit back.

Security Deposit Return Form PDF

Be sure to set up your utilities BEFORE your move in date!

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed at many of our properties. Pets should have an excellent rental reference from a previous landlord. Large dogs and certain breeds of dogs, including but not limited to Rottweiler, Doberman, Akita, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Chow, and any mix of the above, and some reptiles are not allowed in our homes. A non-refundable deposit and a monthly fee is required. The home must be treated for fleas and professionally deodorized upon termination. All waste must be cleaned up from the lawn at all times. Litter boxes should be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Carpets and floors must be free of waste at all times. All indoor animals must be house trained. When no one is home, all dogs must be secured in a crate or kennel. The City of Bloomington requires all pets to be on a leash when outdoors.


Tenants are not allowed to paint the walls, trim or woodwork or place wallpaper on the walls. A limited number of small picture nails are permitted. All units are painted with a particular brand and color of paint. This allows ease of touch up painting between tenants, and minimizes the costs to tenants. With written consent by the Landlord, Tenants may complete additional painting as long as the exact brand and color of paint is used. Please contact our office for paint information.


Most of our units have off-street parking available. Parking is not allowed on the lawns or sidewalks. Some neighborhoods do require permit parking on the streets.

For more information go to:

City of Bloomington - Neighborhood Parking Permits

Trash & Recycling

Trash pick up and recycling days vary by location. Trash pick up requires pre-purchased tags, available at most grocery stores:

City of Bloomington - Sanitation


Speak to your landlord for payment mailing address as this will vary by property. Rental payments must be in the form of one check or payment regardless of the number of tenants at the unit. The payment must be from either (1) a person named on the lease, (2) a parent of someone named on the lease, (3) a financial assistance organization on behalf of a person named on the lease, or (4) a financial institution on behalf of a person named on the lease. Please note the rental address on the payment. Late fees are assessed on past due accounts.


Rental permits issued by the Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development are posted in all of the Bloomington rental units. The rental permit and the lease agreement state the occupancy for each unit. The Occupancy Limit states the maximum number of unrelated persons or a single family (single family as defined by the Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development) that can reside in the unit. Occupancy may be checked by confirming number of beds in unit, number of cars in parking area, names listed on the mailbox, etc. If there is a discrepancy in the occupancy limit and the number of persons living at the unit, then the tenants are responsible for any fines or penalties to bring the occupancy and lease agreement into immediate compliance.

For additional information:

Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development

Tenants' and Owners' Rights and Responsibilities


The information contained within this website is for general purpose use only, subject to change without notice. Measurements, square footage, and floor plans are estimated and should only be use as approximate measurements.

Move In Instructions

New leases begin in August. New tenants can begin to contact our office as early as July to schedule your move in date and time. Early move ins are available on a limited first come, first served basis. In some cases, you can move in as early as August (varies). Any early move ins require the signing of an "early move in release." Please note that your August rent is not pro-rated and is due the day you move in. If you choose to move in early, your unit may not be cleaned or turned over - this is due to extremely high demand to move in as close to August 1st as possible. The prior tenants' lease is through (varies) making it impossible to turn a unit over by August 1st. You are welcome to schedule an early move in, but you then take over the general cleaning of the unit. We will always take care of any maintenance needed, but you must allow our workers to work around you since you are already moved in! While it is our goal to get the cleaners through every one of our units, sometimes it is just not possible. If you can wait until August 2-14, you have a better chance of having your unit prepped!

Your entire group does not need to be present for move in, however when you email to set your move in appointment, you will need to provide a contact person and contact cell phone number for your move in day. Your contact person will also receive all of your keys.

Please email us for more info or to set up your move in appointment!

Move Out Instructions

Your lease ends on August 31 and you must leave your home no later than midnight on August 31 (although we do not recommend waiting until the last moment!) Any holdovers will be charged in accordance with the lease. Your home MUST be left SPOTLESS...which means not a single personal item or piece of trash! Any items left inside or around the home will be charged against your Security Deposit.

Information on Your Security Deposit Return

Your Security Deposit Return (SDR) will be sent to you within thirty (45) days after the expiration of your lease agreement pursuant to Indiana Lease Law. We will mail the SDR to the ONE forwarding address you provide to us IN WRITING (by fax or mail). If we are not given a forwarding address, the SDR will be held until we are contacted in writing and given a forwarding address to send it to.

Enclosed with the check will be a detailed itemization of any and all deductions against your Security Deposit. Once again, due to the extreme workload we face during this time of year and because we are unable to determine which residents caused damage to the unit, we issue only one check per apartment or house and we do not write individual checks. The check contains the names of all residents of the apartment who had a valid lease contract with Fox Property & Development for the lease term. The check is a multiple-party check and must be endorsed by all parties listed on the check before it can be cashed. However, it is not necessary that all parties be present to cash the check. The last individual to endorse the check may take it to the bank and cash it. If you want the check made out to one person, all residents of that particular apartment must sign an agreement requesting us to do this.


In order to receive credit for your door and mailbox keys, you must leave them in the mailbox of the address you leased by midnight of the day your lease expires, or make arrangements with our office for pick up. The keys must be enclosed in an envelope with your full apartment address on it. The failure to return all of your keys will result in a door lock re-key charge of $100.00. We realise this policy is very strict but it is the result of problems that have occurred over the years.

You must vacate your apartment no later than 12:00 Midnight August 31. No holdovers will be tolerated! Failure to vacate your apartment on time will result in a $100.00 per day charge that must be enforced.

Please make sure that you pay your last months rent . Your Security Deposit cannot and will not take the place of your last months rent. Anyone who tries to do this will be charged late fees and be subject to eviction. Evictions can be costly and damaging to your credit. If we have not received your rent by August 1st, we will begin the eviction process by serving you a 3 day "notice to leave the premises" in order to protect the integrity of our business. Evictions are costly, time consuming and embarrassing and they affect all tenants on the lease as well as their co-signers. Please pay your rent on time and closely communicate with our office.

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